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Identity-centric public art

Identity-centric public art

A non-gimciky environmental art stunt to help passengers understand the place they've just arrived.

This was an urban identity experiment performed at Vilnius (Lithuania) airport by Thrilling Cities.┬áThe influential ’60s art movement Fluxus, begun in Lithuania, emphasised the “unity of art and life.”

In that spirit, this simple act offers arriving passengers fresh fruit from a vintage crate, gently introducing them to the city’s Bohemian spirit, and making them more likely to perceive other manifestations of that spirit during their time in Vilnius.

Conveying urban identity in real-time


Passengers take fruit from the box.


Turn a captive audience into a captivated one, and share the spirit of the city with them.




The first run led to a second, also successful, run.


The airport intends to do this for all five baggage carousels, for every arriving flights, in order to become known for it.

Beneficiaries and collaborators

Vilnius Airport