Thrilling Cities Thrilling Cities


Thrilling Cities is an exclusively place-related branding agency and production company.

Originally established in 2013 by Jeremy Hildreth and JT Singh, we do many things, but we are particularly valued for our ability to devise and implement authentic dramatic actions and imaginative stunts which help our clients get the attention they desire (and to deserve the attention they get).

If you are in the market for advertising, PR, social media, or other promotional assistance…talk to us. Our bohemian and evolving approaches to these perennial needs transcend the methods commonly peddled and practiced.

We work with:

Companies to strengthen brand identity and turn provenance (“Made in ____”) into a major marketing asset.
Architects and property developers to enhance the distinctiveness, mystique and identity value of their projects.
City governments and mayors to help make their city more than just another dot on the map.
Tourism, trade, and investment promotion authorities to attract people and money.
Public-private partnerships to raise their profile and effectiveness.

We also have experience with:

Airlines, telecomms, manufacturing, financial, technology and various other sectors.
Many types of municipal, national, regional and trans-national organisations.
Just about every kind of entity with a reputation to manage.

We collaborate professionally with:

Lighting designers
Wayfinding specialists
Street artists
…and others
Please note: we shy away from conventional public tenders; bitter experience has taught us that such so-called beauty contests rarely lead to exciting strategies or worthwhile creative work.

We prefer to astonish than to tick boxes.

That’s in our nature. After all, we took our moniker Thrilling Cities from the title of a book of sexy and streetwise travelogues penned by James Bond creator Ian Fleming in 1961. This name connotes our drive to do awe-inspiring work with panache and subtlety — indeed, to make it look easy. It also proclaims our unflinching commitment to the reality that today’s world is urban and that the future of humanity lies primarily in cities.