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Visit London: it rains more in Rome

Visit London: it rains more in Rome

How to make London even better understood and appreciated abroad.

London is the largest city in Europe, and a global capital.

We aimed to portray it as a city of stature, a high-achieving ‘centre of the world’ that is paradoxically also a modest and quirky place.

We used audience-relevant ‘soundbites’ that are boldly or wittily expressive of something surprising, important or under-appreciated about London.

We created identity-driven headlines, including the one Mayor Boris Johnson used a week before the London Olympics when he concluded an article on the city’s infamous weather: “And by the way, it still rains more in Rome than it does in London.”


Urban brand strategy and communications


Before (top left) and after (top right), London’s exhibition stands at World Travel Market.

Using a London “tone of voice” to communicate interesting facts and figures.

Conducting a workshop with city stakeholders, with Tower Bridge and the Thames River in the background.


Develop an identity strategy for Europe’s largest city; create a brand identity for London’s tourism office.




A promotional strategy for London used in Shanghai in 2010 and Beijing in 2008; a London “House Style Guide” to instruct city officials in the use of the brand identity


Deployed, and still in use in various forms

Beneficiaries and collaborators

The London Development Agency, Visit London, Saffron Brand Consultants